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Get the best immigration physical examination in Brooklyn from USCIS certified doctor.

Are you looking for immigration physical exam for US Green Cards or US Citizenship in Brooklyn? Akash Medical Care PLLC offers comprehensive immigration medical examination service in Brooklyn. We know how important your visa application is to you. We guarantee to handle it with proper care and accuracy.

Why Choose Akash Medical Care PLLC For Your Immigration Physical Exam In Brooklyn?

Our primary care clinic is certified to conduct immigration medical exams. We have doctors authorized by USCIS. Our staff has proper training in handling the exam process requirements provided by the immigration law. Our certified doctor will manage your paperwork. We will complete your I-693 form and conduct the associated medical tests. At our clinic, we make sure you are physically and mentally healthy through our comprehensive assessments. If you need additional tests or vaccinations, we will provide them for your smooth processing. 

Our primary care center has friendly and welcoming doctors. We have Spanish speaking interpreters as well to ensure effective communication between our doctors and Spanish-speaking patients. The convenient location of our clinic makes it easily accessible for the Brooklyn community to access from any place. We offer walk in exam also.

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Our Comprehensive Services 

At Akash Medical Care PLLC, we offer the following services for your immigration medical exam.

Medical History Review

Reviewing your medical history is one of the basic requirements of the immigration law. Our civil surgeon will assess your medical history to check your past diseases, surgeries and treatment records. We will check whether you have ever received treatment for Tuberculosis (TB). Although you might have recovered from this disease a long time ago, the immigration law is strict about assessing this condition. You may need to show your previous test reports, chest X-ray and other related documents.

Physical Checkups

Our certified doctor will perform your overall physical assessment. We follow the standards created by the immigration authority to conduct all your assessments. Our doctor will check your vital signs such as your blood pressure, blood sugar level, temperature, etc. We will assess your internal organs to look for underlying health conditions. Your abdomen, heart, lungs, kidney and other organs are usually evaluated for your physical exam. Our doctors will also assess your eyes and ears to check your hearing and vision ability.


USCIS has created guidelines for vaccination. The applicants must be immunized for some specific spreadable diseases as per the rule. Our doctor will review your vaccination history to check if you have taken vaccines for all the diseases mentioned in the guideline. In case you have missed any vaccine, we offer reliable vaccination service for you. We will provide the required vaccines to help you complete your I-693 form.

Blood Tests

We conduct various blood tests as part of our laboratory tests. Our blood tests include screenings for syphilis, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, and hepatitis. Our doctors look for presence of germs that cause infections or diseases. This test is important to show your body is fit to enter into the new country and you are not a threat for the mass population. Our trained staff will conduct your blood tests maintaining the standards and rules of the immigration examination. Our blood tests also include measures such as complete blood count (CBC), cholesterol levels, and blood glucose levels. We want to provide a comprehensive assessment of your health.

Drug And Alcohol Screening

We conduct drug and alcohol tests to identify any substance abuse issues. USCIS made this test mandatory to ensure that you don’t have impaired judgment or addiction problems. We may ask for blood tests, urine tests and breathing tests. These tests are done to detect the presence of both drugs and alcohol. 

Mental Assessment

This test requires both mental and physical evaluation. We offer mental health screening to identify mental conditions that can be considered a threat to you and the people around you. Our doctors conduct various tests to diagnose your brain. In case you have mental health issue, our doctors will provide you with various solutions. We offer counseling and prescribe medication to treat your mental condition.

Get best immigration physical exam in Brooklyn. Visit our clinic to get the best experience. 


What should I expect from an immigration medical exam?

In this medical exam, you should expect an overall mental and physical health checkup. The civil surgeon will check your medical history and vaccination records. We do these assessments to verify that you are physically free of diseases and potential risks. We also check your mental health to determine your mental condition. It is an important assessment for the immigrants. This test verifies that you can make rational decisions and are not a threat to others. You should also expect to have drug and alcohol screenings. The immigration law does not allow immigrants who have substance abuse issues.

How do I prepare for immigration physical?

Follow these guidelines to prepare for your test:

  • Gather necessary documents such as government certified identification, medical history, vaccination certificates, relevant medical reports, etc. 
  • Read the guidelines of the test
  • Follow pre-exam instructions
  • Take appointments for the test early. You may need to make multiple visits to the clinic. So make sure to have enough time for your exam
  • If you have existing health condition that can affect your test result, consult your primary care doctor before appearing for the exam. We will help you control your health issues so that you do not face difficulty in clearing your exam

What should I bring for immigration physical test?

You must bring these documents:

  • I-693 form
  • Government issued identification
  • Medical history
  • Vaccination record
  • Medical reports
  • Prescriptions

Do I need to fast before the immigration physical test?

Whether you should fast before your green card exam or not depends on the type of your assessment. You will receive pre exam instructions from the immigration office before your evaluation. That guideline will tell you everything you have to maintain. The instructions will also contain information regarding fasting. Make sure you read the guidelines properly.