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Podiatry Service in Brooklyn, New York

Do you have severe pain in your lower legs or feet? Akash Medical Care PLLC has the best podiatrists in Brooklyn, New York. Our doctors offer assessment and treatment of common foot and ankle conditions. Our podiatric clinic has various services for adults and senior citizens. We offer to manage chronic pain, infection and various conditions of affecting your foot, ankle, and lower extremities.  Visit our primary care clinic for the best possible care. 

Our Podiatrist in Brooklyn

Our podiatrists are qualified and certified physicians. We offer wound treatment, diabetic foot care, feet and lower leg pain management, and ingrown toenails treatment, etc. Get suggestions on the right shoes for you from our podiatrist.

What We Offer 

Our podiatric doctors perform accurate diagnoses and proper treatment. We offer comprehensive and compassionate understanding of our patient’s medical records and current symptoms.

Foot Examination Assessment

We do a basic physical exam of the feet and ankles. Our doctors assess the condition of your feet and identify potential issues. Our routine monitoring includes assessment for signs like swelling, bruising and patches of discoloration etc. We focus on potential conditions like ulcers and neuropathy for diabetic patients. Based on the initial findings, we recommend treatments or referral if needed. 

We Treat Common Foot Problems

Your home remedies may not work for ingrown toenails, fungal infections, etc, common issues. It is wise to see our foot doctor as soon as possible. In case of flat feet, hammertoes, bunions, high arches or fungal infection, our podiatrist in Brooklyn, New York, can provide you with personalized solutions. We work on reducing discomfort and pain. We also offer advice on prevention of these conditions. 

Wound Care

Foot wounds are common for diabetic patients. We offer treatments for foot ulcers and infections and help promote healing.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic foot care is an important part of managing diabetes. Diabetic patients suffer more foot conditions than others. Our doctors examine the foot and detect early conditions. Some of such issues are neuropathy, poor circulation, and foot deformities. We develop personalized treatment plans to prevent, manage, and reduce potential complications. We also advise on maintaining hygiene, proper nail trimming, and careful attention to footwear to prevent ulcers and infections.


Our primary care doctors assess the fracture area. We apply the appropriate dressing with strict sterile techniques. This is done to minimize the risk of infection. We regularly monitor the dressing's effectiveness during the checkup.

Foot Ache Management 

For persisting foot aches, see our podiatrist. We provide pain management from acute and long term injuries. Our doctors assess the conditions and identify the root cause of the pain. We provide comprehensive solution based on your conditions. We also offer emergency treatment for foot pain. We also recommend targeted exercises and lifestyle adjustments to enhance your foot health and minimize the pain. 

Foot Health Education

Get foot care wellness from our primary care doctors. We often provide advice to people on footwear selection, exercise and cleanliness. Our primary care doctors offer education on foot care to diabetic patients. We also provide advice into the causes, symptoms, and preventive measures for many foot conditions.

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation 

We will provide a referral to help athletes looking to recover from their foot injuries from sports. This includes rehabilitation to prevent further issues. Are you suffering from any sports injury or chronic pain? Do you need rehabilitation after surgery?  We can help you. Our team can connect you with the right experts for your specific needs.

Custom Footwear

We offer recommendations for custom-made footwear to support and improve foot functions. These can help you to support high-arched feet, flat feet, or gait abnormalities.

Geriatric Care

Akash Medical Care PLLC’s podiatrists in Brooklyn, NYC understand the unique needs of senior patients. We offer thorough assessment and manage conditions like arthritis for overall well being. 


We refer to specialists if anyone is suffering from advanced wound management, surgical interventions or expertise beyond the scope of primary care. We will provide a seamless referral to a trusted specialist in our network.

We Accept Insurance

We accept insurance for podiatry service in Brooklyn. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Molina, Healthfirst, Humana, Magnacare, Metroplus, etc. and many more. Contact us to know more about insurance plans and services. 

When and Why to See a Podiatrist of Akash Medical Care PLLC ?

Catching foot and ankle problems early, when symptoms first appear, is important. It gives you timely diagnosis to begin primary care treatment and get better outcomes. You do not need advanced treatment. Make an appointment and drop by at Akash Medical Care PLLC to get services from the best podiatrists in Brooklyn, New York. 


Who are podiatrists?

Podiatrists are doctors of podiatric medicine. They are qualified individuals. They diagnose and treat conditions that affect feet, ankles, and lower legs. They help your limbs work, decrease pain, and speed up healing after an injury and/or surgery.

When and why to see a podiatrist?

Visit a podiatrist in Brooklyn for persistent foot issues, injuries, or diabetes-related complications. They maintain foot health, addressing specific conditions, and preventing complications. If individuals experience persistent discomfort or notice any signs of issues, seek professional service. Akash Medical Care PLLC ensures improved mobility and quality of life. Our doctors will provide professional attention for common problems like ingrown toenails and fungal infections. We offer tailored solutions, including exercises, for structural issues like flat feet, hammertoes, bunions, and high arches.