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Older citizens have special healthcare needs that come with their age. At Akash Medical Care PLLC, we provide comprehensive geriatric services to our older patients. Our service aims to ensure good health, treat existing medical conditions, manage disabilities, and support healthy aging.

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Understanding Geriatric Care

Geriatric care is a medical service specially designed for older patients. There are several reasons why geriatric care is important for them. This healthcare service provides personalized treatment plans considering the unique needs of the patients. Geriatric doctors help older patients take preventive measures to avoid developing severe diseases. And for those already suffering from one or multiple diseases, they provide medical care to make them have a better life. We offer easily accessible location in NYC and easy appointment opportunities on our website as well as walk-in.

Our Services

We want to offer them a high-quality life through our elderly care services. So that they can enjoy their old age with their family and the neighborhood. 

Geriatric Assessment

We offer an overall health assessment to our elderly patients. We look into their medical history and current health conditions to understand their physical and mental limitations. Our comprehensive geriatrics assessment includes the following:
  • Review of medical history and current health status
  • Testing of sugar levels, blood pressure, and other vitals to identify the presence of long term health concern
  • Various physical examinations to check the condition of internal organs such as cardiac healthlung health, etc.
  • Analyze the ability to perform daily life activities 
  • Examine their cognitive ability, like whether they can remember everything, pay attention to their surroundings, etc.
  • Assessment to know about their appetite, eating capability, or nutritional deficiencies

Chronic Disease Management For Seniors

Our elderly care service provides treatment plans to control long term health conditions. We treat patients suffering from diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and heart disease. We offer medication based on their conditions. We also offer monitoring and follow ups to check the progress of the conditions. This helps us evaluate the effectiveness of our chronic disease management plans.

Medication Management

We offer a comprehensive and systematic approach to managing the prescribed medications to ensure safe and effective treatment. We conduct thorough medication reviews to see whether all the medicines are necessary. Our geriatric specialist make medication adjustments if some medications are unnecessary or reduce the effectiveness of others. Our geriatrics specialist doctors educate patients about their medications and possible side effects.

Alzheimer & Dementia Care

The increase in age causes memory problems within the elderly community. Our senior healthcare service offers a complete assessment of brain health to identify the signs of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. We also look for other cognitive functions related to memory loss. Our doctors offer primary medication and care. 

Fall Risk Assessment and Prevention

Our primary care offers fall risk assessment and prevention treatment to reduce the risk of injuries and help older people move independently. Our physical therapist assesses the risk factors such as how well they can keep their balance, whether they have good vision and hearing ability, or whether they take medicine that can make them fall. We offer treatment plans and medication based on the findings. 

Senior Mental Health Screening and Support

Sickness, loneliness, and other factors can cause older people to have mental health issues. We provide mental health screening and support to help them live happily for the rest of their lives. We conduct routine screening to identify signs of depression, anxiety, and other problems. Our doctors offer customized treatment plans such as counseling or medication. Our service also includes monitoring the treatment response and adjusting the treatment plans if necessary. 

Pain Management

Joint pain, back pain, or knee pain are common in elderly patients. Our pain management service is designed to identify the root causes of these health problems and provide proper treatment. Our primary doctors analyze the location of the pain, how intense the pain feels, or how long the pain stays. It helps to identify the underlying reason behind these health conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, or other medical conditions. We provide individualized care based on the distinct features of the pain.

Vision and Hearing Treatment

Due to aging, patients may have various eye diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, or other serious health conditions.  Our primary care doctors conduct comprehensive checkups of eye and ear health to evaluate vision and hearing loss in patients over 60. We diagnose the conditions and provide primary level treatment. We refer to specialist for advanced treatment. 


Our geriatric care has an immunization service too. We offer vaccination to help them prevent diseases such as flu, pneumonia, and others. Our vaccination also helps to reduce complications in case they get affected by the diseases. 

Geriatric Rehabilitation/ Referrals

Our geriatrics care provides the primary treatment and prevention plan for maintaining the overall health and well-being of older adults. For patients requiring advanced treatment, we have referrals or rehabilitation programs. We refer patients with advanced dementia, hearing loss, weakness in vision, or other diseases to specialists. Our referral service includes booking your appointment with the specialists and completing all the necessary formalities.

Why should you Choose Akash Medical Care PLLC for Geriatric Care in Brooklyn?

  • Professional Geriatric Care Providers: Our primary care physicians are board certified. They are professionals with specialized training in eldercare services. 
  • Comprehensive service: Our geriatrics is designed to provide our adult patients with comprehensive services. We want to ensure all their health related problems can be solved under the same roof.
  • Welcoming atmosphere: Our Elderly healthcare provider make sure that the older people who come to Akash Medical Care find it very homely. We listen to them very carefully and compassionately to build a trusted relationship with geriatric patients. That's how we ensure the best geriatric care in Brooklyn, New York City. 
  • Patient Centered Care: We examine all of our patients with the highest level of care. We check the overall health condition to identify the health problems and provide customized treatment plans.
  • Commitment to Quality: We use the latest medical technology and standard practices to ensure you get the best quality healthcare service and senior wellness.

Schedule Your Appointment

We offer both walk-in and online appointments. For your convenience, we have telemedicine service too. Make an appointment today to help your elderly family member live a healthy life.  


When should someone seek senior health check-ups?

Someone should receive these health check-ups when they are over the age of 60. Around that age, they experience unique diseases and functional disabilities. These health conditions require special treatment and elderly care that geriatric specialists can provide properly. 

What services are offered in geriatric care?

Elder care offers a comprehensive health assessment. In this service doctors conduct an overall mental and physical examination. Internal organs, vitals, medication list, cognitive ability, functional ability, and medical history are checked to identify the problems and ensure their well being.

What should be expected during a geriatric care appointment?

Geriatric specialists conduct a thorough health checkup. Doctors analyze medical history to see the types of diseases patients have experienced throughout their lives. This helps them identify the potential risks they have in the future. They check vitals like blood pressure or sugar levels. They also examine the lungs to check if there is an infection, the heart for blockage, kidney health, and other organs. Functional ability is measured too. For this, their way of eating, walking ability, and other daily life activities are assessed. Examining cognitive ability is also an important part of this service. This helps identify mental diseases like dementia or the ability to communicate.

Why do elderly people need geriatrics?

Elderly care services offer a lot of advantages to elderly patients. They can get treatment from specialist doctors. This service helps patients manage their existing medical conditions. It also helps to take preventive measures to avoid potential diseases. Overall, this service makes the lives of elderly people better.

What should be done if someone misses a geriatric appointment?

Contact your primary care provider in case you missed the appointment. They will schedule you for another appointment.