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Geriatric doctors in Brooklyn, New York, are in Akash Medical Care

Geriatric doctors in Brooklyn, New York, are in Akash Medical Care to accommodate the best geriatric solutions for the increasing number of senior citizens in NYC. Our geriatric doctors are accepting new patients as well as providing top geriatric specialty care to our existing patients. Geriatric physicians are specialized in treating unique geriatric syndromes. The geriatric doctor of Akash Medical Care is your primary healthcare professional. 

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Who needs Geriatric Care?

65 years or older is considered geriatric. Older people are the center of our family. Their well-being brings happiness to your life. We understand that emotion. When you are looking for the top geriatric doctors in Brooklyn, consider our quality of services. We offer easily accessible locations in NYC and easy appointment opportunities on our website as well as walk-in.

About Us

Older people deserve an easy, comfortable, and independent life of their own. We aim to offer them a high-quality life so that they can enjoy their old age with their family and the neighborhood. 

In New York, our geriatric center of Akash Medical Care is ready with a multidimensional approach to meet any required geriatric counseling, geriatric medicine, and geriatric solutions. 

  • Our geriatric Drs are highly qualified and specially trained to meet any comprehensive care an older adult needs. 
  • As people age, they lose their ability to express their words day by day. They need a comfortable atmosphere to communicate effectively. We make sure that the older people who come to Akash Medical Care find it very homely. We listen to them very carefully and compassionately to build a trusted relationship with geriatric patients. That's how we ensure the best geriatric care in New York City. 
  • We have a huge network to connect with more advanced-level specialists and surgeons to refer you for any further treatment. We make a bridge between you and the advanced level of care. As our primary care physicians have your history, we will talk on behalf of you more effectively to ensure the best geriatric care you get in Brooklyn, NYC. 

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Why choose our geriatric specialty care?

Our skilled geriatric doctors in Brooklyn, NYC are wholeheartedly dedicated to providing every long-term and short-term geriatric care.

  • Our best diagnostic care is properly arranged to observe your present complications as well as investigate any new indications to ensure the ultimate treatment process. 
  • Geriatric solutions involve any sort of therapeutic care that targets specifically the treatments. These treatments are mostly focused on curing any diseases older people suffer from. 
  • As people age, they become prone to develop any illness quickly. We detect them before they show up and provide preventive measures to our patients. As a result, our patients live longer with less complicated older ages. 
  • The patients who might be suffering from various chronic illnesses from their mid-age need extremely special care and observations by geriatric doctors. We have rehabilitation for them. These geriatric therapy treatment plans have the goal to cure, improve, and prevent the illness from getting worse. Cardiac arrest, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and other illnesses need rehabilitative care at the older age of the patients. 

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Your unique challenges matter to us. They might be complicated and may need specialized attentive care from expert geriatric doctors. Geriatric doctors are also commonly known as geriatricians. Our geriatric physicians at Akash Medical Care are certified and experienced in an all-inclusive treatment plan. We will address your underlying medical conditions. Then we will focus on your social, psychological, and functional perspective of life. 

We have several senior citizens in the community of Brooklyn, NYC. They deserve top geriatric care for a healthy life. As they become vulnerable when they age, we need to choose a proper geriatric doctor for them. Our location in Brooklyn can be easily navigated and accessed. We offer services associated with aging, chronic diseases, mobility issues, cognitive decline, and other age-related complications. 

The Geriatric Services we offer in Brooklyn, New York

  • Our personalized and in-depth detailed assessments will understand your overall health. To ensure your well-being, we evaluate your physical and mental health. We have counseling for medication management and social support systems. 
  • Older people suffer from various chronic conditions. Our geriatric physicians target to solve those diseases as well as other geriatric syndromes. Some chronic diseases we treat are diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and heart disease. Our geriatric doctors in Brooklyn offer effective treatment plans to optimize their symptoms. They provide services to reduce the side effects of the medicines and help to enhance the quality of life altogether. 
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are two conditions that make our older citizens suffer the most. We have expert memory care and cognitive health care as a part of geriatric care in Brooklyn, NYC. 
  • Vulnerability to mobility increases the risk of falls in older people. We focus on preventive strategies and rehabilitation to reduce the risks. We have specialized care to enhance mobility, minimize the risk of falls, and improve the independence to function.
  • Medication becomes like meals at the older ages of people. Our geriatric doctors will sincerely review and manage your medications to reduce the side effects and interactions between various drugs. It helps to enhance the success of treatments. 
  • Our end-of-life care is specially planned and applied to make the last days of patients comfortable and cozy. Our unique geriatric care and palliative care include physical treatments and psychological counseling to enhance comfort and quality of life. 
  • The most crucial part of geriatric care is their mental health. They feel lonely and isolated from family and society. It affects their emotional health. So, they become more physically sick and vulnerable. They suffer from social isolation and feel cornered. It affects their self-confidence. They have a feeling that they don't fit in the society anymore. So, they suffer from severe depression. They also experience anxiety and other mental health issues which are associated with aging. 

Every adult who is 65 years or older doesn’t need geriatric care though they have reached geriatric age. Our geriatric medicine doctors in Brooklyn, NYC have designed our service to identify your unique problem.