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Explore some of the benefits older patients can get from the geriatric service at our primary care clinic.

importance of geriatric care
May 12, 2024 89 views

Older adults above 60 have complex health issues that require specialized care from a geriatric doctor. Their weak body defense system makes it easier for chronic diseases to build up within the body. They also have problems with their functional ability because of joint pain, a decrease in vision, and hearing issues. This is not the end. They have mental health problems as well such as depression, anxiety, memory loss, and other conditions.

Managing these physical and mental conditions requires the help of doctors specializing in geriatric services. Today in this blog, Dr. Akash Ferdaus, an internal medicine specialist in Brooklyn, will tell you how primary care centers can help older patients age gracefully.

Understanding Geriatric Care

Our primary care clinic offers best geriatric services to provide specialized support to senior citizens. This comprehensive medical service includes treatment for both physical and mental health conditions. Primary doctors offer regular checkups, vaccination, preventive care for heart disease, and cognitive disease management. We also provide chronic care management such as diabetes management, asthma treatment, hypertension, thyroid treatment and many more.

7 Benefits Of Geriatric Services Aged People Get At Primary Care Clinic

Let’s learn some of the benefits older patients can get from the geriatric service to understand its importance.

Taking Care of Your Health from Head to Toe

The geriatric service at our our primary care clinic conducts comprehensive health assessments of older adult patients. The examination includes checkups of their physical, emotional, and cognitive wellness. This thorough assessment gives the primary care doctor an overall idea about the health condition. Our doctors in Brooklyn also identify potential risk factors and health conditions that need more attention. 

Our internal doctors use various methods for collecting health related information. We ask the patient about his or her symptoms, check vital signs, do physical examinations, and recommend laboratory tests, and other assessments. These test results show a complete picture of existing health conditions as well as what consequences the patients may face in the future.

Preventive Care

Our treatment provides preventive care services to stop illnesses from developing in the first place. Older adults are given vaccines for influenza, flu, and other diseases. Patients over 60 have weak immune systems. That is why doctors put more emphasis on preventing diseases. Our geriatricians also conduct regular checkups to identify illnesses in their early stages. We recommend cancer screenings too. At this age, various types of cancer build up inside the body. For this reason, we stay alert from the beginning so that they can provide treatment before the illness becomes life-threatening.

Taking Charge of Long Term Illnesses

Geriatric physicians are skilled at managing chronic health conditions. Aged people over 60 have various chronic conditions. High blood pressure, increased sugar levels, and arthritis are some of them. These conditions require continuous monitoring to keep them under control. Managing chronic conditions requires comprehensive and personalized treatment plan. Our geriatricians give medication, suggest lifestyle changes, and provide follow up appointments to monitor progress. In this way, internists help older citizens manage these illnesses and minimize the impact of these diseases on their overall health. 

Managing Medication for Effective Treatment

Complications because of medication are a common issue in the case of older adult patients. They have to take medicines for different diseases. Sometimes these medications react with each other and cause health issues instead of curing them. Our geriatric service can solve this type of problem through medication management services.

Our internal medicine doctors review medical histories and medication lists during the appointment. Prescribed drugs, supplements, and over the counter medicines are checked to evaluate the risks, benefits, and side effects. We add, and adjust doses as per your needs to prevent medication-related issues.

Making Good Choices for a Healthy Life

Our geriatric services offer lifestyle counseling on daily habits, diet plans, sleeping hygiene, and other topics. We encourage elderly people to eat healthy, maintain sleep hygiene, and do physical activities. They are also advised to avoid smoking and limit drinking. We help older citizens make healthy choices to enhance their overall well being and promote healthy aging.

Mental Health Support

Older adults have diseases both in their body and mind. Loneliness, grief, illness everything affects their mind. Physicians evaluate their mental status to provide support. Their brain also gets affected with age. For this reason, they have cognitive issues. They mostly develop mental health issues such as dementia, depression, or anxiety disorder. We recommend therapy, medication, and treatment approaches to manage these conditions.


Geriatric care improves the quality of life of our older adults. Our specialists provide personalized treatment plans to improve physical and mental functional abilities. Regular checkups, preventive care, long term disease management and other treatment approaches keep their medical conditions under control. For advanced medical conditions, our doctors refer the patients to the specialists. We provide your medical information to the specialists to ensure a seamless and comprehensive treatment process.

Best Geriatric Service at Akash Medical Care PLLC

Do your parents or grandparents need geriatric services in Brooklyn? You can contact Akash Medical Care PLLC. Our primary care center has been offering comprehensive geriatric services to older adult citizens of Brooklyn for over 17 years. Our professional doctor gives special care to our patients. We offer preventive care, chronic disease management, medication management, lifestyle consultation, and other services as part of geriatric services. We assess your overall medical condition to create customized treatment. Our Spanish speaking staff makes communication between our doctor and Spanish patients smooth and effective. Get your appointment today to gift your older adult family members a better life.


How does geriatric care differ from standard primary care for older adults?

Geriatric care offers treatment for unique health needs related to aging. Geriatric physicians know better the physiological, psychological, and social changes that come with aging. We provide solutions for both acute and long term illnesses. We conduct comprehensive assessments considering medical, functional, cognitive, and psychosocial aspects. The focus of our service is not only managing the conditions. We emphasize improving functional independence and the quality of our patient’s life.

What are the common health concerns and conditions addressed in geriatric care?

Common medical conditions treated in geriatric care are:

  • Long term illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary disease,  etc.
  • Memory problems such as dementia and other mental conditions
  • Mobility issues like vision loss, hearing problem, fall risk assessment, etc.
  • Medication management
  • Preventive care for lung, heart and other diseases