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Lifestyle Practices recommended by primary care physician for the well being of heart

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Apr 08, 2024 61 views

Do you know how important the heart is for our body? It delivers oxygen and nutrition throughout our body to keep us healthy and alive. Our lives and deaths depend on this organ. Once it stops, we have to say goodbye to this beautiful world. So we have to protect our heart health at any cost. Akash Medical Care PLLC will discuss here some lifestyle practices that can help improve your heart health.

Lifestyle and Self-Care in Cardiac Health

You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and take help from professional doctors for the well being of your heart. Akash Medical Care PLLC has been providing primary care services for 17 years in Brooklyn. To ensure patients have good heart conditions we offer regular checkups of vitals such as blood pressure, sugar level, or cholesterol.

Here are 7 healthy behavior tips to keep your heart strong and lower the risk of heart disease.

Physical Exercise

Little to no physical movement is a harmful lifestyle habit. Simple exercises such as walking, swimming, cycling, or dancing are good options to keep your heart fit. Our primary care physicians in Brooklyn are there for help. We’ll check your fitness and offer advice on exercise . We also set realistic goals based on your fitness level. Moreover, we’ll keep track of your vitals to identify your progress.

Eat Healthy Food

Eating habits have a great influence on heart health. So you have to choose your food wisely. You have to avoid eating oily food. It increases cholesterol levels in the body. You have to also avoid eating salty food. It may cause your blood pressure to go up. Our internal doctor provides patients with dietary plans as part of our preventive care service. Our health professionals provide a list of foods that you should avoid, limit, or consume. 

Aim for a Healthy Weight

Obesity is one of the main risk factors for heart health. It can lead to many health issues like high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, etc. We do various screenings as part of our services. This helps us identify the underlying health issues. We manage these conditions through medication and advice on lifestyles. We help you achieve your optimum weight based on BMI. We suggest food choices and exercise. 

Manage Stress

A stress free life is the secret to having a healthy life. Are you struggling with stress management? Visit our primary care to get professional help. Our internal medicine doctors are great at stress management. We identify the root cause of stress through conversation. We also recommend various stress management techniques. Some common techniques are meditation, breathing exercise, yoga, muscle relaxation, etc. If the source of stress is anxiety or depression we do screening and refer to specialists for counseling.

Get Quality Sleep

Quality sleep of 7 to 8 hours is essential for good heart health. It helps to decrease stress. It also helps to decrease blood pressure. Create a relaxing bedtime routine. Maintain a consistent sleeping and waking time. Avoid caffeine consumption and screen time before bed. If you still experience trouble sleeping, contact our primary care physicians in Brooklyn.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol intake

Cigarettes and alcohol consumption damage the heart. Smoking can increase cholesterol and damage blood vessels. Excessive alcohol consumption may increase weight. It can also lead to high cholesterol. These can increase the chance of stroke and heart attack. You must quit consuming them for your well being. 

Monitor Your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol 

High blood pressure and cholesterol levels increase the chances of heart attacks or strokes. We conduct regular checkups of these vitals. This is done to detect and manage heart diseases at an early stage. We conduct a thorough assessment by reviewing family history, previous disease and medication records, and other information. Based on these data we suggest lifestyle modifications and provide medications. 

Why Akash Medical Care PLLC? 

Akash Medical Care PLLC offers primary care service in Brooklyn, New York. Our primary care clinic has board certified internal medicine physicians. We assess and manage health conditions effectively. We help to keep cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes in check. We also offer preventive care service. Get your online appointment now!


Which food is good for heart?

You can eat nuts, soymilk, tofu, kidney beans to keep your heart healthy. Fish like salmon and tuna with high omega-3 fatty acids are also good for the heart.

What foods should heart patients avoid?

Food items such as processed meat, full-fat milk, fatty meat, egg yolk, refined carbohydrates, fast food, and canned food are bad for heart patients. Avoid sugary drinks too.

Which drink is best for heart?

The best drink for the heart is water. You can drink unflavored milk, plant based milk, organic fruit juice, and vegetable juice.

Is banana good for heart?

Yes, bananas are good for the heart. It contains potassium. It helps to regulate blood pressure and promote heart well being.